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As Certified AWS Support and Consulting partner, we offer on-demand or dedicated support services with pay-as-you-go billing to manage and maintain your cloud infrastructure. We have a large team of certified AWS professionals who offer deployment, support and maintenance services. Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform is highly flexible, dynamic and scalable platform designed to support startups to large enterprise requirements. There are several organizations currently using AWS cloud platform but lack in-house specialized team of AWS professionals.
There are complex services with several applications, tools, classes, zones, etc. Which needs specialized skills and knowledge to properly design, deploy, manage and monitor to get the desired results. In order to manage and monitor such infrastructure either you need to have a certified AWS professionals in-house or AWS support service provider like Viana Labs which enables the same level of AWS support service experience as in-house team with unmatched quality.

Why Choose Us?


Hire the best on-demand or dedicated AWS certified expert for your cloud computing support


We offer compute, storage, database, migration, networking, security & management support


Flexible shared support or dedicated support its 24×7 without any long-term contract


As per the support used every month, hours are billed on first of new month

We Support On All AWS Services




Migration & Transfer

Networking & Content Delivery

Management & Governance

Security,Identity & Compliance

Developer Tools

Notification Services

AWS Cost Management


Internet Of Things


Machine Learning

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Our customer account registration is important for us to serve our customer’s with utmost commitment & priority. So click Create Support Ticket and complete the process of registration for Pay As You Go Support. Which will register your client account and enable you to raise any queries. We always recommend our clients to discuss with our cloud experts for any AWS queries, through chat or email about their requirements to get the complete understanding. We would be very happy to resolve all your business queries before the work is started and hours are logged.

Yes all our resources are AWS certified with specialised  area of expetise. If you are registered client with us you can alwasy ask the expert for their AWS certification.

As we have the best and certified AWS cloud developers with us, we have our own Project Management System (PMS) where you will be able to monitor daily progress. You will have your separate login to use our PMS. You can create the tickets, assign work and take the follow up for your on-demand support through our systems. Our developers would be available via IM’s so that you can communicate faster.

On every ticket / work completion, team will mention the hours used. So you can easily monitor your work and hours utilization.

For your On Demand support cloud expert will be setting up quickly to initiate your work or project within a few hours of submission of your work ticket. Dedicated resource or team will be deployed, only when its a monthly 160 hrs on going long term contract.

We offers you a pay-as-yougo approach for AWS Cloud Support services. You pay only for the hours you used and without requiring long-term contracts. Our billing is similar to how you pay for utilities like water and electricity. You only pay for the support hours you consume, and once you stop using them, there are no additional costs or termination fees.

The billing structure is pretty simple and seamless. Your bill is generated on the actual hours you used for support service in a month and bill is generated around the first day of new month. Our per hour support services charges are $25 for hiring the on demand cloud experts. We accept payment via Paypal and also via bank transfer as soon the bill is generated.

We do not outsource your projects to any third party companies or freelancers. We have in-house AWS experts working on each project. In the case where you want a change of expert, send us an email and we will replace as per your requirements.

Yes we do provide long term/continual dedicated cloud support services. We kindly request you to communicate with us directly at [email protected] with your requirement

Yes hiring a dedicated AWS expert on long term with monthly commitment of 160 hours for your support or turnkey projects. The team will work like your in-house team directly communicating through chat, email, calls or video calls as per your business requirements. .

For dedicated monthly support or customized turnkey projects, contact us now.

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