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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a platform that is highly flexible, dynamic, and scalable. It is designed to support startups to large enterprise requirements. There are several organizations that are currently using the AWS cloud platform. AWS consists of some complex services with several applications, tools, classes, etc. It needs specialized skills and knowledge to properly design, monitor, and manage the system properly to get the desired output.

In order to manage and monitor such infrastructure either you need to have an in-house team of certified AWS professionals or you can take support from certified service providers. Most of the organizations using the AWS cloud platform lack teams of certified AWS professionals. We are a certified AWS Support and consulting partner and we offer on-demand or dedicated support services for the AWS cloud platform. We are fully capable to manage and maintain your cloud infrastructure with pay-as-you-go billing.

Why Choose Us?


Hire the best on-demand or dedicated AWS certified expert for your cloud computing support


We offer compute, storage, database, migration, networking, security & management support


Flexible shared support or dedicated support its 24×7 without any long-term contract


As per the support used every month, hours are billed on first of new month

We Support On All AWS Services




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Internet Of Things


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Yes.  Customer Account Registration is required to generate the cloud queries. After registration, you can start taking support for cloud services. Our support team will solve all your queries and you can contact them through chat or email. We are pleased to clear all your doubts and queries before we start the paid service.

Yes. We have a team of AWS Certified Professionals. Each of them has certification in different areas of specialization. Once you become our registered client, you can ask for the AWS certification from the allocated resource.

You can monitor the progress of your work through our specially designed Project Management System (PMS). You will be provided with login details and you can log in to the PMS and can monitor the progress. You can create the tickets, assign work, and can take the follow-up for your assigned tasks.

Our support team is available via IMs so that you can communicate quickly.

Hourly service is based on the hours used to solve the tickets or the tasks. You are charged for the hours of service taken. After the completion of every task or ticket, you will be informed about the hours used to solve it.

For On-Demand Support Service, the cloud expert will initiate the work on your task/ticket within few hours of submission of the ticket. For the clients with a minimum commitment of 160 hrs per month, we can provide a dedicated resource.

Pay-as-you-go is a very flexible approach for Support Services. In this service, you only pay for the hours for which you use our resources; it may vary from query to query. In this approach, there are no long-term contracts, no minimum requirements. You can easily use the expertise of our expert team members and can pay for it on an hourly basis.

In the pay-as-you-go support system, we generate bills on monthly basis. On the 1st day of every month, you will get all the details of the services used by you in the previous month. We charge $25 per hour for on demand cloud expert. You can make the payment via PayPal or by Bank transfer.

We have a team of highly professional AWS cloud experts and we are confident that you will not come across such a situation. Still, in case, you need to replace the expert, we can do so at your request.

We provide long-term support for cloud services. For that, you can write to us at [email protected]

Yes. If you take our services on monthly basis, one team will be assigned dedicatedly for you with a monthly commitment of 160 hours. The team will work just like your in-house team and you can directly communicate through chat, emails, calls, or video calls as per the requirements. We are committed to providing you the best service experience.

For dedicated monthly support or customized turnkey projects, contact us now.

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