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Test and deploy enterprise apps

Use Azure Virtual Machines, Managed Disks and SQL databases while providing high availability and network performance with Load Balancer

Create custom mobile experiences

Build based on your customers’ interests and behavior using App Service and Azure Cosmos DB, Xamarin, HockeyApp and Traffic Manager.


Gain insights from your data

Make better decisions and create finer experiences using Machine Learning, Data Lake Analytics and HDInsight.

Charity & Donation

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British Red Cross

Quality Assurance

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Which products are free for 12 months?

These products are free each month for 12 months. Availability is based on resource and region.

Linux Virtual Machines[COMPUTE]

Create Linux virtual machines with on-demand capacity in seconds.

Windows Virtual Machines[COMPUTE]

  • Create windows virtual machines with on-demand capacity in seconds.

Managed Disks[STORAGE]

  • Get premium, secured disk storage for Azure Virtual Machines with simplified management.

Blob Storage[STORAGE]

  • Use massively scalable object storage for any type of unstructured data.

Computer Vision[ AI + MACHINE LEARNING]

Extract rich information from images to categorise and process visual data.


  • Create a SQL Database that delivers intelligence built-in.

Which products are always free?

These products are always free. Availability is based on resource and region.

Azure Cosmos DB[ DATABASES]

  • Build and scale your application with a globally distributed, multi-model database service.

App Service [COMPUTE]

  • Quickly create powerful apps for any platform or device using your choice of tools including Node.js and PHP.

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) [COMPUTE]

  • Deploy and manage containers using the tools you choose.

Azure Services

Microsoft Azure is a versatile cloud platform that enables you to expand more efficiently and adapt to change. You can get up and running quickly with Azure, scale up or down as required, and save large capital expenditures by paying only for what you need.Build apps that recognize people’s needs with Azure Cognitive Services. Create intelligent apps, websites, and bots that read, understand and interpret natural human communication. With Cognitive Services—and a single API call—use decades of ground-breaking AI research to better serve your customers.