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Continually Assess Business Risk

Continuous delivery demands continuous testing. We build systems that test quickly and continuously to help you assess business risks in real time.

Improve Quality of Pipeline

  • Automate quality checks throughout your build pipeline to Get the right tests at the right stages of your pipeline to provide fast, accurate, and actionable feedback.

Inspire Ownership

  • DevOps help you develop a culture where everyone is focused on building quality, inspiring ownership and commitment towards faster, better results.

Write Back to Native Tools

  • Use bi-directional connectivity to write-back to native data sources. Leverage all available standard APIs to enter new data or update standard and custom fields in native tools.

Collect Data from Disparate Sources

Use 50+ smart connectors to collect data from multiple tools, platforms, and databases. Add new data sources without coding. Create forms to source data directly from users.

Compute Custom Insights

  • Use built-in computation engine to generate insights. Create custom formulas using Python. Apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze text, image, voice, and video data.

Create Interactive Visualizations

  • Analyze complex, correlated information with coordinated visualizations. Interactive data filtering and highlighting enables users to drill across tools to contextualize insights.

Automate Workflows

  • Automate workflows for data collection, synchronization, analysis, and insights delivery at a defined cadence. Trigger intelligent alerts and actions on meeting predefined conditions.

Set Up Smart Alerts

  • Set up simple or complex business rules to trigger actions and alerts to monitor performance and reduce business risks. Get notifications across standard collaboration tools.

DevOps Services

Software infrastructure, either cloud or local, needs monitoring, maintenance, support, and improvement with time. We help in solving the issues on the resources optimization, reassigning the load, and adjusting the scale. They also help with project creation, configuration and support of secure environments, remote configuration, and security recommendations.


DevOps is a software engineering practice and has a culture that is conducive to software development and an operational team for continuous and fast product delivery.

DevOps practice allows for faster and more efficient product delivery with fewer development cycles, higher deployment frequencies, and more reliable releases in line with business objectives.

Tests, packages, codes, releases, monitors, builds, and configurations all of these creating effective 'DevOps tool chains'. It also includes basic structures and components such as code. You can easily communicate with our support team through IMPs.

AllHeart Web uses a variety of tools and platforms to implement successful DevOps. Jenkins, TeamCity, and Travis are used for Automation; Responsible for chefs, puppet labs, and configuration management; OpenStack, Docker, and VMware for computer virtualization; And Flocker, OpenZFS, and Delfix for data virtualization.

The DevOps delivery pipeline ensures faster deployment frequency, faster market time, a lower failure rate of new releases, and a faster mean recovery time. DevOps aims at faster development and deployment cycles through continuous testing, quality testing, feature development, and maintenance releases for improved reliability and security.

AllHeart Web has a well-functioning DevOps process integrated with agile processes of close collaboration with customers, product management, developers, and quality assurance. Rapid measurement, and planning, business design, and compliance with core concepts of AllHeart Web DevOps.

AllHeart Web DevOps follows the standard 6C DevOps practices to make sure Continuous Business Planning, Collaborative Development, Continuous Testing, Continuous Release and Deployment, Continuous Monitoring and Collaborative Customer Feedback and Optimization.

DevOps brings development and operations teams together to break down silos. DevSecOps is security added to DevOps, integrated at every step of the security process chain from start to finish. DevSecOps addresses the security challenges faced by the DevOps culture.

DevOps is on-demand everywhere. Irrespective of size and revenues, in every organization from SMBs to large enterprises, DevOps is the need of the hour to break the siloes between the operating teams. DevOps has shown the industry and each organization a new way of creating a software culture based on collaboration and improved communication.

'Security' is the challenge that DevOps organizations have faced as they evolve to accommodate DevOps journeys. While the traditional processes dealt with security at the end, the new security concept calls for security integration across stages of the process chain. The concept of DevOps exactly does this promising enhanced security to DevOps organizations, thus emerging as a key security addition to the DevOps process.

Measuring Return on Investment (ROI) with DevOps depends on the evaluation of quality, performance, and metrics. The state shows high performance with DevOps compared to non-DevOps with 208 times more deployment frequency, 106 times faster lead time, 22 percent minimized the time on unplanned work and rework. DevOps organizations report a 60 percent improvement in revenue and profits.

In the US, the IT market has a broad range of options for DevOps consulting. However, choosing the right choice is the key to success. AllHeart Web has been one of the early adopters of DevOps Services in the USA IT consulting market. With more than a decade of experience, AllHeart Web has served many Fortune 500 companies with its DevOps expertise.

A Missing cultural balance between Development and Operations teams is one of the Missing cultural balance between Development and Operations teams is one of the key challenges to DevOps implementation in addition to the DBA not being involved in the release cycle that hits the inner circle, there is no holistic view within the software distribution value chain and there is a silo between the development and operations teams.

AllHeart Web DevOps services include Planning and Assessment, CI/CD Pipelines, Process Automation, Security Integration Process Implementation, and Pilot Framework Creation. Besides, there are also DevOps managed services including Operational Management, Effective Supply-chain, Release Management, Security Management, and more.