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Engagement Ads on Wall Posts

Interactive advertising can help to make your Facebook page very popular in the eyes of anyone viewing your business. Facebook will only show this type of ad to the people most likely to interact with your post-reaction, comment, or share.


With Facebook Remarketing, you can reach people who have interacted with your brand in several ways. You may have visited a website (or a specific page on a website), acted as an app or game, or provided an email address or phone number.

Interest Targeting

Interest targeting on Facebook helps you to find interesting people in buying your services or products. You can reach specific customers based on their activities, their interests, and the pages they visit or like. By combining interests, you can expand the reach of your advertising.

Demographic Targeting

You can target the audience based on age, gender, political affiliation, where they live, or any specific life events. Facebook also offers financial targeting. You can specify that ads only appear to people with income above a specified income level.

Behavioral Targeting

It allows you to reach people based on your purchase intent, device usage, and history. Facebook users' data from third-party partners to understand the specific behaviors both online and offline. After matching that data with user IDs, Facebook allows advertisers to target thousands of potential customer segments based on different buying behaviors.

Website Conversion Campaigns

If the purpose of your ad is to get people to do certain things on your website or mobile app, you want to use a conversion campaign. Define actions such as completing a purchase, adding to a cart, and page views.

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Facebook ads are more user-friendly to install than Google Ad words. This is because, in the early stages of the purchasing process, customers can be reached even before they have been notified of their wishes. It also causes an instant influx of traffic to your website and is good for its SEO.

First, you can create an advertising campaign to promote your page and generate sales leads. Then set your advertising viewers and budget. You can also customize the text and images of your advertisement. Selecting for lead generation describes the various stages involved. Action phrases are connected in a format that allows you to collect promotional details as you set them up.

To do that, you need to determine the return on your investment before you pay for the advertisement. CPC is relatively cheaper and more effective than other social media platforms, but the effort may not be worth the effort if you are not getting the intended return.

Start with a basic perspective and extend by adding one category at a time. You can also create multiple ads for different potential customer groups related to your business goals. Monitor your ad and either produce the best results or selects two groups and duplicate them for the next advertisement.

While the data changes with market dynamics and economic conditions, WordStream looked at the performance of 256-client Facebook ads based in the United States. They found many useful benchmarks. I can give you some guidelines for your Facebook advertising campaign. However, your best bet is to create, adjust, and re-tune your ad to see what works best for you.

Images with people are more processed than others. Therefore, many advertisers refer to the employees behind their business when creating Facebook ads. Also, unique and interesting pictures with individuality are suitable for some companies. Use your judgment and discretion when choosing an image as you can compete with the brand of your business.

Facebook may reject submitted advertising campaigns if it does not comply with advertising policies. One of the common reasons for Facebook rejections is that the image has too much text. Photos with a lot of text have less viewer development and participation than images without text.

You can use Facebook pixel to track website traffic generated by Facebook ads. Facebook can generate pixel codes for your website. If you are the one who manages your website, and if you ask your website administrator to do it for you, install it on your site. Facebook pixel is a piece of code you can implement on your website; can you track the traffic on your site? After setup, it is important to test and check whether the pixel starts up properly.