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Target Potential Customers

You are in front of your most engaged audience when and where they are actively searching for keywords relevant to your business.

Cost-Effective & High Returns

Google ads are cheaper than other types of marketing. To deliver a high ROI, is undoubtedly one of the cost-effective ways.

Drive Website Visits

Increase your online sales, booking, or mailing list subscriptions with online ads that guide people to your website.

Get More Phone Calls

Let your customer calls you with ads featuring your phone number and a click-to-call button.

Increase Shop Visits

Attract more customers with business ads that help people find their company on the map.

See Fast Results

Quickly measure everything about Google Ads. This includes advertising costs, revenue, landing page visits, ad clicks, and website views.

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Google Advertising is an online advertising solution used by companies to promote their products and services on Google Search, YouTube, and other websites. Google Ads allow you to choose specific targets for your ads, such as how advertisers can easily access your phone or website. Google Advertising Account allows advertisers to define their budget and goal and start or stop advertising at any time.

They are the previous names of the new and improved Google Ads.

Google Ads work by showing your ads when people search for the products and services you offer online. By advancing smart technology, Google Ads help potential customers get your ads in front of them the moment they are ready to take action.
  • Start by choosing your goal such as getting more visitors to your website or getting more phone calls to your business.
  • Select the region where you want your next ad to appear. It may be a small radius around your business, or it may be as wide as a city, region, or even an entire country.
  • Finally, create an ad and set a budget limit for January.

Once your advertisement is approved, it may appear every time a user in your target area searches for the same product or service as you. You only pay to join the ad if the user clicked on the ad or called the company.

There are three basic types of Google ads.
  • Search network campaigns – Basically in plain text format. These ads sometimes appear on Google search results pages when someone searches for products or services like yours.
  • Display online campaigns - usually in the form of images, these ads appear on the website or application used by the customer.
  • Video campaigns - typically 6 or 15 seconds in length, these ads appear before or in the middle of YouTube content.

CPC (Cost Per Click) or PPC (Cost Per Click) means that you pay for advertising only when someone clicks on your advertisement. Other advertising models:
  • Cost per impression: You will be paid according to the number of times your ad is shown (not clicked).
  • Cost per commitment. You pay when a user performs a predefined activity (such as watching a video ad).

In addition, there are many different ad formats, from text display ads to static banners, animated banners, videos, and lightboxes.