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Cloud solutions were designed to manage billions of security events per day.

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IBM has completed more than 5000 projects worldwide and has more than 30 transition patents for analysis.


More than 90,000 consultants, experts, and astute developers of cloud and enterprise applications worldwide bring more than 35 years of experience designing and building enterprise hybrid IT environments.

IBM Cloud Garage

Visit IBM Cloud Garage site for expert guidance, implementation support, and management services to help you simplify and accelerate your transition to the cloud.

IBM Garage Method for Cloud

It integrates all aspects of providing a solution through each stage of the cloud journey and supports the entire multi-cloud participation lifecycle.

IBM Cloud Services

IBM Consulting Services supports a secure and open path to multi-cloud innovation for Google Cloud. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, IBM provides end-to-end services to Google Cloud, enabling businesses to accelerate the path of cloud transformation. Collaborative cloud experts help you modernize your workloads and applications and then migrate them to other multi-cloud platforms such as Google Cloud and IBM. By using OpenShift, Kubernetes microservices, and APIs, cloud experts can help you modernize your legacy applications. Accelerate the migration process using agile methodologies and tools.

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It is a storage service for unstructured data to achieve durability, resilience, and security. The data can be accessed using the SDK or using the IBM user interface.

Cloud object storage makes it easy and cost-effective to store virtually unlimited months of data. The following are examples of cloud object storage use cases.
  • Backup and recovery
  • Data archive
  • Cloud-native app data
  • AI and analysis

You can save all kinds of data such as images, videos, documents, etc. in any format.

The total amount of data to store is unlimited. See Pricing in Cost Structures. Individual objects can vary in size up to 10 TB in size. For objects larger than 100 MB, consider uploading the object in multiple parts.

The information stored in IBM Cloud Object Storage is encrypted and distributed in multiple geographic locations. IBM Object Storage System provides the services to distribute storage technology.

You can provision 100 storage areas for each IBM Cloud Object Storage service instance. If you need to configure more than this limit, please contact customer support.

You can upload up to 10TB of objects. The key address length for all objects cannot exceed 1024 characters. The amount of storage available in a single storage instance or single bucket is virtually unlimited, and when uploaded using the console, the size of the object is 200MB unless Aspera Fast Transfer is installed, which cannot be exceeded.

The smart tier can be used for any workload, especially dynamic workloads. Standards are used to store frequently accessed data. A vault is used to store infrequently accessed data. Cold Vault is used to store data with minimal access.

To change the storage class, you must manually move or copy the data from one bucket to another in the desired storage class.

IBM Cloud Object Storage policy-based archiving is the low-cost option for rarely accessed data. Archiving works in conjunction with any of the existing storage classes (Smart Tier, Standard, Vault, Cold Vault), allowing you to set archiving policies on buckets for objects to migrate to archiving after a specified time period.

To use the archive, you need to create a bucket at the regional offering.

The usage fee for the archive is 0.00099 GB per month of data storage and 0.02 GB of data recovery (for example in the US region). There are no hidden operating costs associated with archiving/restoration.