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Before assigning a Live Agent to a project, we conduct a full audit of the needs of our customers and any systems or processes that we introduce to represent you and your company. We have developed the process to ensure that agents have access to all the information they need to answer questions from website visitors. It provides detailed answers to each of the answers to your questions over time. The more information we have, the more we have the facilities to serve your website visitors.

We can offer it because one agent can answer several chats from multiple companies at the same time. That is why we keep our pricing so low. You are sharing the cost of hiring a live chat agent with other companies also using the service.

During the signup process, you have to provide information about your business. Think of it as FAQs. You tell us what types of questions we can expect from your website visitors and provides the answers to those questions.
Our project managers will review your website and add any information we found pertinent to your business or service offering to the Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base is a database of information about your business or service. This information is available to any agent that answers an incoming chat from your site. That is an ongoing process. Every agent has trained to add any additional information they learn about your business or service to your Knowledge Base. Typically, our agents can answer most questions within 5 to 10 days of starting the service.

There will be times when our agents won’t know the answer to a question, for that we will need more information from you or your team. In these cases, our agents have been trained to get the name, email, phone number from the visitor and explain that we will follow up with them as soon as possible regarding their question or issue.
If the issue is urgent, we will contact you right after using the contact information you provided when signing up for the service. We can then add any information we learn during this process to the Knowledge Base for your site.
If the same issue or question arises in the future, our agents will prepare with the proper answer. Our agents have trained to get the correct information to your visitors. We never guess the answer.

Of course, We will help you setting up triggers to automatically engage with visitors based on the page they are on. We can work together to optimize the engagement rate and make sure that the right message will deliver at the right time.

Our agents are always available to answer chats on your behalf. We never close. We provide live answering services 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

we never charge you for capturing a lead. We don’t charge on a per-lead basis.

Currently, we are only offering live answering in English due to demand. We will be adding more languages soon. However, as we continue to scale the use of other languages in the app.

Absolutely. Our customer success team is available 24×7-365 and is always only a quick message away.You will have direct access to the entire team within your dashboard, so you can provide ongoing feedback on how we are doing.

We only provide you the report.