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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Platform Evaluation

There are several marketing automation platforms out there. Understanding your requirements helps us evaluate and assess each platform and help you choose the best marketing automation platform for your business.

Platform Set Up and Support

After evaluating your company’s needs, our expert team will configure your CRM marketing automation or SMS marketing automation platform and assist your team in its implementation.

Platform Integration

Our marketing automation consultants have the right knowledge to integrate the marketing platform with the CRM so that information flows smoothly between your Marketing and your CRM Systems.

Content Marketing Strategy

Our content marketing strategy fills the gap between content marketing and marketing automation software by constantly aligning business goals with automation. We work with you and provide all your content needs because we create an editorial calendar and distribute it to the appropriate channels.

Marketing Automation Platform Assessment

If you already have a marketing automation platform, we will evaluate your Damco business and assist you in formulating a roadmap to ensure that your investment business gets the best return on investment.

Marketing Automation Management

We work with our clients to manage the entire span of the marketing automation system, starting with managing sales leads until they are eligible to join the sales team. We work with clients to manage the entire scope of marketing automation starting with managing sale leads until they are eligible to join the sales team

Marketing Automation services

Marketing automation software can simplify and measure marketing workflows for new and existing potential customers, ultimately saving time, and money and quickly tracking sales growth.

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As the company's growth increases, it can be very difficult to have one-on-one conversations with prospects or leads and keep records of conversations. Even if you hire a lot of marketing and sales professionals, it can eventually run out of wealth.

The first thing to find is that marketing automation tools must comply with GDPR. There is no alternative to this. Unlike the general understanding, marketing automation is more than simple email marketing. So, before you decide on a software application, you must understand what features you will need. In general, features such as autoresponders, lead tracking and scoring, omnichannel marketing messages, content marketing, sales enablement, social media marketing, drip email campaigns, and CRM integration are essential.

CRM and Marketing automation tools are complementary to each other. You need to understand the subtle differences between the two tools. CRM was designed primarily for sales and automation tools were designed primarily for marketers. Get more leads and close more deals with a combination of marketing automation and CRM for startups, small businesses, and enterprise businesses.

Customization will be an essential element in the long run. Depending on your immediate needs, you can change some settings and add/remove some sections of your application. Make sure the software you purchase is free to adapt to your business' needs otherwise, you won't get the full benefits of marketing automation.

Make sure your automation suite provides full API support. Lack of technical support can be a problem in the long run as your marketing efforts require faster speed, new apps, and future integrations.

When investing in marketing strategy automation, it's a good idea to see if you can increase your social presence. Can you use automation tools to reach a better target user base through social media profiles? If yes, then break it! Find features like auto-updating RSS feeds, and auto-engaging like comments, follow backs, and likes. P.S. Aritic PinPoint now offers all these features and many more e.g. social calendars, social bots, etc.

Users aren't just on one device. They use smartphones, laptops, tablets, and all other smart devices to stay connected. So if your automation app isn't compatible with any device, it's going to be a waste.