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Access to an engaged community

Pinterest audiences share the Pins they find with small and large groups. So, you can get big impressions in a very short amount of time while requiring little effort in your marketing.

More website traffic

If your website is full of creative and attractive products or services, Pinterest is the right platform for promotions. We create a custom Pinterest marketing strategy suitable for any business, allowing you to increase website traffic by increasing links to your site.

Hiked conversions

Pinterest users use the platform to plan future purchases. Because of this Pinterest community mindset, the platform can save you all the extra money needed to cut your marketing tube and create or find qualified customers.

The number of pins is directly proportional to the number of backlinks

Pinterest's ideas are built around attractive and informative images. Image source functionality is also available, and professional marketers create links by adding a pin or a link to the image source.

Pinterest marketing strategy

First we try to create a successful marketing overview for your account. We have already examined your popularity, analyzed your fan base and conducted careful research to create custom avatars for your brand.

Account Creation and Profile setup

Our specialists create pins that reflect the value of your face by adjusting the purpose and social features of the brand. You can create affordable pins to encourage your customers to buy, or create simple but creative pins to stand out for your product or service.

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Yes! In addition to using your business account in TOS (Terms of Service), converting to a business account gives you access to Pinterest Analytics and other features available only to business users. You also get a flashy profile look!

Create a Pinterest business profile, create a few boards, and pin all your products, services, other images and videos from your business to the right board. When uploading these images, you should include a rich description of your keywords and, if applicable, hashtags. Instead of pinning all the pictures at once, it's better to schedule the pictures to be sent at different times to keep your profile active.

Pinterest makes it easy to archive and keep these boards secret. The board should reflect the type of content you create and the appropriate viewer.

Yes, if you belong to the 32 categories and related topics mentioned in this blog post. Also, in order for Pinterest to work for your business, you need to be strategic. This means fixing the right content at the right time and using the right keywords. If you want Pinterest to help your business, you need to pin profitable pins and set up a profitable profile.

Popular topics are mostly feminine. I.e., household appliances, food and cooking, women’s fashion, animals, art, DIY.

Facebook is a social media platform, and since then Pinterest has been a search engine. You can also access follower's Pinterest, get ideas, inspiration, and shopping items. Meanwhile, Facebook and Instagram users have access to the platform because they are playing and having fun with their friends. Your Pinterest PIN will last for years. This means that even after using your PINPIN for years, you can keep your profits. Anyway, posting to Facebook and Instagram are just a few minutes, and you continue to post things to see and notice. Also, the best feature of Pinterest is that its search engine component makes it easy for brands to reach new customers clients they don't know. This means that your profile is more likely to be found by thousands of people, even if you have only a few followers.