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A comprehensive and thorough approach to Search Engine Optimization concept is the first important step for the success of Internet Marketing Campaign. We at AllHeart are a team of professionals well versed with various intricacies and are in command of best technologies which are useful to reshape your existing website keeping in view,the friendliness of your website according to search engines.


In view of the rising popularity of social media websites in the past decade and its recognition as a preferred platform especially amongst younger generation for sharing and building relationships, the corporate sector has also accepted it as the most effective advertising and marketing platforms.
Using social media for creating a brand and then marketing the products through this media is similar to using any other method. But to identify and implement, a workable social medium marketing solutions is essentially an area which can be perfectly handled by an experienced team and that is where we can be of assistance.


Email Marketing is a time tested strategy which is used to accelerate the momentum of your campaign in any field, whether for brand building or specific goal to raise donations by any NGO.
This campaign becomes more effective and meaningful if handled by an experienced and mature team of Internet Marketing Company like Vikingsfirst Technologies. In this company, we use various tools and software which can help in creating HTML-Emails, managing and tracking responses of your campaign in a best organized way.
The preference and importance of e-mail marketing is because of its benefits and features – through which you can directly send your message to the defined audience as opposed to connecting through website where you are depended on traffic to send across your message. One more obvious reason for its popularity is that it does not involve much cost and is by far the cheapest medium. To make it more effective, permission based promotional communication adds great value to the campaigns and makes its result oriented.
Well equipped with the variety of right tools, our team at Vikingsfirst Technologies is looking for managing your e-mail campaign including drafting with attractive contents and visuals, dispatching the email to clients after filtering the data base and monitoring response received from clients and routing you the sales leads.

LINK BUILDING PROGRAM- For creating Quality Links

At Vikingsfirst , our experienced team is well-versed with the technique and in-depth knowledge about intricacies of building quality links which is also an established way for effective boosting of your website’s search engine ranking. This link building process which includes creating in-bound links and Contextual links is very helpful in substantially increasing visibility and popularity of your website.


We at Vikingsfirst take a different view than general view about Search Engine Marketing which is directly attributed to pay per click services. No doubt, it is an effective way to drive traffic to your site because you are assured of the appearance on the first viewing page of the search engine. But this method is not fool proof and is expensive in the sense that there is no guarantee that people will actually visit your website.
When we compare this option of paid placements organic Search Engine marketing, i.e.; free search engine submissions, we find that organic Search Engine Marketing is certainly the best and the most economical.
We at Vikingsfirst, follow a mixed approach to Search Engine Marketing which will ensure high ranking of your website. This approach is certainly very effective in conversion from visitors to customers and that too in a very economical and time bound manner.


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