Courteous Modus Operandi for Google Penalty Recovery Post Panda/Penguin

Vikingsfirst has always put the utmost emphasis on improving the user experience by providing top-class bundled services to support various and sundry business processes including,SEO, SMO, branding, corporate promotion, media publications, and many more. We thoroughly understand the importance of evolution of our well-connected business processes as our clientele is ever growing in number, and as more and more business propositions are making their way to finally reach us. Even the best of the SEO & SMO companies have queued up seeking our top-rated Google Penalty Recovery services as they fell short of ground against the two most popular changes in Google algorithms, better known as Google Panda and Google Penguin updates. Now, these leading brands in digital marketing came to us with a simple question if we can recover the websites from Google penalties, and if yes, then how?

The Answer is Simply, Yes!!!

Beginning of February 2011 was marked as a nightmare for most SEO companies when Google first introduced what it called the Google Panda update. This was enough to impact the Google search results to the extent that almost 1 out of 10 searches were impacted greatly, and the rankings dropped down tremendously. Even the SEO implementation pioneers were stranded clueless due to this update. They fell way too short in terms of innovating new strategies to counter this update. On top of this, the top think-tank of Google bombarded these SEO giants with another Google Penguin update somewhere in April 2012, which again hit the already struggling companies striving hard to boost their rankings on Google. This again knocked over almost 3% of top search results on Google search engine that were suspicious to Google crawler.
That’s when Vikingsfirst stepped-in to pierce the struggling SEO/SMO market with its unique and innovative modus operandi to counter this ever-evolving strategy from Google post Panda and Penguin updates.

Listen to from the Best Mouth at Vikingsfirst – How to Recover from Google Penalties?

You must have collated expert opinions from all corners of your network about the evolving strategies, but have you really been able to come to a conclusion?
First and foremost, you must be apprised of what are all the various penalties that are imposed by Google, the nature, and their behavior, to finally fix them altogether. For certain, there is a huge difference between updates and penalties as such. Think again, if you can really differentiate between the two. If not, then your existing strategy for SEO and SMO needs serious refurbishment or a complete 360-degree approach.

Before any Call-to-Action Comes the Define-the-Root-Cause Approach

At Vikingsfirst, we undertake any such Google Penalty Recovery assignment only after performing complete data analysis, meticulous study of your major sources of traffic, and thorough research about your linked profiles before we pass on any concluding comments on the table to you. Will then come up with a comprehensive corrective-strategy to plan out the things for your benefit, and strive hard to put you on your roadmap to success once again.

Defining the Know-How Part

  • Exactly Define a Penalty or Update mass effect
  • Define the root cause for being penalized
  • Review and analyze the details and evaluate the gravity of the situation
  • Try Manual scanning of the Quality Links as much as you can
  • Be aware that this is not the best time to introduce or redirect to a new domain
  • It’s high time to move ahead with seeking High Quality backlinks
  • Try and minimize the widespread use of links on your website, specifically the Anchor text
  • Diligently focus on putting up quality content rather than using just casually written or thin pages
  • Play smart with your Reconsideration Request to save your efforts and time
  • Stay tuned on content marketing strategies and promote yourself as much as possible
  • Be patient with your Recovery Bar Progression

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