Leasing Services Only

- We'll Find Great Tenants -150%

of one month's rent

  • Traditional & Digital Marketing and Advertising
  • MLS Property Listing
  • Property Showings
  • Lease Execution
  • Government Housing Coordination (HUD, Fort Bliss, etc.)

Professional Property Management Services>

- Entrust Us with Your Home -10%

of monthly rent*

  • Includes all Leasing Services
  • Rent Collection & Earnings Disbursement
  • Digital Account Portals
  • Detailed Accounting & Reporting
  • Maintenance Coordination
  • Lease Renewals*
  • Eviction Protection***
  • *Additional fees may apply. *Renewal fee (37.5% of one month's rent). **Move out Property Inspection ($85) ***Eviction Fee ($250)

Premium Property Management Services

- Eliminate All Hassle -15%

of one month's rent

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