What is Link Building?

Link Building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks to a website with the goal of improving search engine rank. It is the process of getting hyperlinks from another website to your own.

The goal of link building is to discover new web pages and to increase the brand value for your website with the goal of increasing referral traffic to your website.

Link-building strategies include content marketing, video marketing, blogging, internal links, etc.

Types of Links

  • Inbound Link
  • Outbound Link

What is Inbound Link?

Inbound links or backlinks are the links pointing to a website or an article in a website or blog from another website or blog. It is basically those links that you point to our website from your own website.

An internal link helps to connect one page of a website to a different page on the same website.

Internal links are basically links between the pages within your own website.

How to put an Internal Link on your post?

Write a post of your own choice but keep in mind that the post should be relevant to your website or should be related to some other blog that you have already published on your website so that you can add an internal hyperlink to your website.

What is an Outbound Link?

Outbound link basically means that you are linking someone else website to your website. It is also known as a Reference link.

An outbound link is a link that goes from your website to another. Suppose, if you publish content on your website and link it with any other site to your post is known as Outbound Link

How to put an Outbound Link to your post?

It is very simple to point an outbound link to your website. Firstly write a blog of your choice and if you want to refer to somebody through your content you can add an outbound link.

In conclusion, basically both the link are important for your brand building, creating a referral business, helps to increase your website ranking and building strong relationships with other businesses.

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