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Amazon Web Services

AWS Advisory Services

AWS Cloud Consulting services can help you achieve agility, improve security, and reduce redundancy by migrating and deploying to the AWS Cloud. AWS cloud experts assist businesses with infrastructure assessments, relocation coverage, cost-benefit analysis, and more.

AWS Managed Services

We provide AWS-hosted cloud services to simplify operations, reduce costs, and help you focus on simple business functions. Our services include infrastructure management, VM development, and advanced security.

AWS Consulting Services

We work with companies to understand goals and requirements and deploy digital levers such as cost optimization, performance engineering, auto-growth, serverless, and containers to achieve these business goals.

AWS Governance

Our cloud services help you manage your resources in a highly dynamic way that works only between services through board deployment, change management, AWS CloudFormation, and CloudTrail AWS Marketplace.

AWS Migration Services

We help organizations develop and execute strategies to optimize AWS cloud agents based on business processes. In addition, you can easily move any implementation in place, transfer applications data to the cloud, and move in a simple upgrade.

AWS Site Reliability

Deploy a combination of infrastructure and application resiliency frameworks to help you deploy fault-tolerant applications on the AWS Cloud. The technologies we deploy include monitoring, workload architecture, and escalation

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a program that is high-powered, flexible, and accessible. It is developed to help startups meet large business requirements. Several enterprises are recently using these AWS platforms. AWS contains some of the compound services with some applications, classes, and tools. It required detailed knowledge and skills for perfect designs, monitoring, and managing the system completely to get the desired results.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) are a cloud computing service based on on-demand subscriptions. It provides individuals, businesses, and organizations with access to various virtual products and services. It includes computing performances, storage, development tools, networking, content delivery, and analysis. Many companies turn to AWS to protect their enterprise-level cloud computing resources without the need for large upfront investment in hardware, implementation, and ongoing maintenance.

Through the activity of the WordPress community and the release of various WordPress modules, there is a constant expansion in the capabilities of this CMS solution. You can build a WordPress architecture that takes advantage of the current AWS platform. AWS provides a secure, reliable, scalable, and high-performance infrastructure for the most demanding application.

AWS provides a variety of cloud-based services designed to meet the unique needs of individuals, businesses, and organizations around the world. The requirements of each account owner are different. The following are the most widely used and considered parts of AWS services: Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), Amazon CloudFront, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), AWS Lambda, Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), Amazon SNS, Amazon RDS (Relational Database Services).

Most settings in the Elastic Beanstalk environment can be changed after you start. You cannot change the application name, environment name, platform, or VPC assignment.

AWS pays for over 100 cloud-based services. AWS users can guarantee on-demand services at a flat rate or without long-term contract requirements. This gives you the flexibility to use AWS according to your needs and budget. Pricing for each AWS service is unique to each user account. A complete list of services and prices can be found on the AWS website. AWS Calculators can help users estimate the cost of each service.

AWS offers a variety of databases that target the specific needs of users and the application they use. Available databases include contact database and contactless database, data warehouse, and in-memory database. The choice of the databases should be done according to your specific needs. A list of AWS databases and their definitions, features, or usage:
  • Amazon Neptune: Graph database
  • Amazon ElastiCache: In-memory datastore
  • Amazon RDS: Managed relational database
  • Amazon DynamoDB: NoSQL database
  • Amazon: MySQL and PostgreSQL compatible
  • AWS DMS: Database Migration Service
  • Aurora: MySQL and PostgreSQL compatible

AWS authentications are designed to evaluate and authenticate AWS users based on their understanding and proficiency within the AWS environment. Each certification level works to clarify the key concepts of AWS. The basic foundation and semi-certification provide the introductory elements needed to participate/ adapt to a custom IT environment. For individuals, AWS qualifications can provide a means to extend professional skills. For business owners, AWS certification enables potential candidates and IT staff to maintain the knowledge and skills to manage cloud-based applications and services.

Cloud services, including AWS, are hosted in various locations around the world. This location is divided into AWS Regions and availability zones. AWS Regions are geographically defined. AWS users can choose where to store their resources. AWS offers several other regions, including some available in the US, Asia, and EU.

While deciding which AWS region to choose, you should consider some factors like:

Supported services:
Many AWS services vary by region. Some services are not available in all regions. A good place to start is to list all the features and services you want to use and see, and then find which regions support all these services.

Latency and users:
Different regions have different levels of latency due to internet connection speed and other external factors in a particular region. The best way to prioritize regions is to specify low latency regions. This can be done by checking the list of regions that support the required AWS services.

Costs may vary by region. Use the AWS calculator to determine which region provides the cheaper access to the services you need.

AWS customers span many industries with stringent privacy and data security requirements. AWS implement global privacy and data protection practices. It governs the technical and physical controls used to prevent unauthorized access to subscription data. AWS also provides users the ability to secure data in transit and at rest. Access is restricted to persons with appropriate login credentials. The Stored content will not be used without the user's consent.