Privacy Policy

01. Please read carefully

AllHeart Web Inc. is committed to the privacy of its customers and users. To this end, the Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy") describes AllHeart Web Inc. as a global network of companies ("AllHeart Web", "we", "our", or "us") that collects, uses, and distributes your personal information, including a description of the privacy policies that you may have in the personal information. This Privacy Policy applies to all AllHeart Web users, including unregistered guests, registered users, and special users (including, "Users", "you" or "your"), and for all AllHeart Web services, including our Website one of its sub-domains, web applications ("AllHeart Web Apps"), mobile applications, and related services. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is not to terminate the terms of any agreement we have, or any rights you may have under other privacy laws. Before accessing or using the Services, please read this policy and make sure you are aware of our privacy practices regarding your personal information. If you read and understand this Privacy Policy, and continue to refuse our actions, you will stop and not use our Services at all.


This policy defines our personal practices - what personal information we collect about users, what we do with them, how we share them, and your rights to that personal information When you sign in to or use any of the Services, you have to agree to this Privacy Policy.

02. What ‘Personal Information’ do we collect?

2.1. User information:

In order to provide you with the Service, we must collect personal information about identified or unidentified natural persons (the "Personal Information"). We collect personal information from you, by using the Service, and from other information sources. Here is a special type of information we collect for you:

  1. The information you give us when you register with our Services, purchase and/or register domain names, use any service; and/or when you request us directly from any communication network (e.g., AllHeart Support Tickets Website, email), you may provide us with personal information, such as name, email address, telephone number, payment information (for users with paid services), the information you put in your communications with us and other users of our site, as well as the specific information contained in the scanner identification documents (such as identity card, driver’s license, passport, or company registration certificate).  
  2. The information we collect when you use the Service. When you visit, download, and/or use any service, we may collect your personal information, such as search visitors and users as well as the 'click-to-flick' of the Service, location Temperature display scroll and scroll Special information about guest or user device, operating system, internet browser, screen resolution, language, and keyboard settings, internet service provider, referring/exit pages, date/time stamps, etc
  3. Information we collect from other sources. We may collect Personal Information about you from third-party sources, such as I) security providers, fraudulent investigators, and anti-fraud to help us identify users related to fraud, II) social media platforms, when you sign in or sign-in using your social media account, we may receive Personal Information from the service (e.g., your username, personal information) and in some cases, we may collect Personal Information from improvement companies that help us improve our services; III) affiliates and vendors to view, manage and measure our advertising campaigns.


In order to provide our Services, we collect Personal Information about our employees.

Personal information from you when you visit or use our services, the Personal Information we collect automatically, as well as the Personal Information we collect from other sources.

2.2.Users of users ‘Personal Information’

We may also collect Personal Information pertaining to visitors and users of our User’s websites or services (“Users-of-Users”), solely for and on our Users’ behalf (as further described in Section ‎6 below).

2.3. AllHeart Web jobs applicant information

We collect information provided to us by AllHeart Web jobs ("Applicants"), when they engage in any of the situations listed in, by email, or otherwise (e.g. described in Section 15 below).

03. Why do we collect such ‘Personal Information’

We use your Personal Information for the following purposes:

  1. Provision and operation of the service;
  2. Further development, personalization, expansion, and improvement of our services based on the users' common or personal preferences, experiences, and difficulties;
  3. To provide prior customer support and technical support to our customers;
  4. Be able to communicate with our users with general or specific messages about services and promotional messages (as described in Section 8 below);
  5. Help us update, expand and analyze our records to identify new customers.
  6. Facilitate, sponsor and deliver certain contests, events, and promotions, determine entrants' eligibility, monitor performance, contact winners, and award prizes and benefits.
  7. Analysis of our actions and their implementation;
  8. Create aggregated statistics and other aggregated data that we or our business partners may use to provide and improve relevant services;
  9. At your request, to provide you with professional assistance;
  10. To prevent any danger of fraud to the employees to enhance the information security to us, and
  11. To comply with applicable laws and regulations.

We use your personal information for the purposes set out in Section 3, where:

  1. The use of your personal information is necessary to enter into an agreement or to take steps to sign an agreement with you (e.g. provide website design, customer support, and technical assistance);
  2. The use of your personal information is necessary to fulfill our legal obligations; or
  3. The use of your personal information is necessary to support the legal interests and purposes of the company (e.g., to maintain and improve the services and performance of AllHeart Web by identifying technical issues), if applicable. It will be conducted in a way that prioritizes your privacy rights.


The use of your personal information is necessary to support the legal interests and purposes of the company (e.g., to maintain and improve the services and performance of AllHeart Web by identifying technical issues), if applicable. It will be conducted in a way that prioritizes your privacy rights.

We also collect and use personal information to communicate with you and in accordance with the laws that apply to us.

04. How we share your ‘Personal Information’

We may share your personal information with service providers and others (or allow them to access it) in the following ways:

Third-party service providers: AllHeart Web has partnered with a number of selected service providers to improve, facilitate and enhance our services and solutions. This includes server hosting and location services, communication and content networks (CDNs), data and network security services, billing and payment services, domain name registrars, diagnostics and anti-virus services, Fraud, web analytics, email distribution, and surveillance, recording services, and remote access services, performance measurement, optimization and marketing services, our content providers and legal and financial advisers (collectively, "Third Party Service Providers").

AllHeart Web can share the following categories of Personal Information with Third-Party Service Providers for a business purpose:

  • ID, including name, alias, email address, special identifier, exchange policy, email address, account name, or another similar identifier.
  • Business information, such as information about products or services purchased, acquired, or considered.

4.1.   #ItsThatEasy

We may share the personal information of our users with various third parties, including certain service providers and law enforcement agencies.

Personal information may only be shared in accordance with this policy.

Law Enforcement, Legal Requests, and Duties:  If the AllHeart Website is in good faith, it is required by law in response to legal requests such as sentences, legal proceedings, search warrants, court orders, or applicable law. We may disclose or allow your personal information. We will do so with or without notice to you.

4.2. Protecting Rights and Safety: If we believe that this AllHeart website will help you to protect the rights, property, or privacy of any user or general user, the AllHeart Web System may share your personal information.

4.3. Social Media Features and Framed Pages: Our services include social media search, widgets, and login features such as the "Facebook Login" button, "Google Login", "Facebook Favorites", or "Share this" or other interactive services (social media features). These social media features may collect some personal information, such as your IP address or the page you visit on our site, and the cookie may work fine. The functions of social networks are hosted by third parties or directly on our services. Your interactions with the social media properties of these third parties are governed by their policies and not ours. In addition, our services provide your personal information to third parties, such as through page framing technology that delivers content to and from third-party service providers or other parties, while maintaining the appearance of our website and services. You will not be able to share it directly with the frame. If you choose to exchange or share your personal information with such third parties, you are providing it to third parties, not us, and such exchanges and sharing will be governing with third parties, not us.

4.4. App Market Developers: As part oAs part of our App Market program, a third-party developer ("Third Party Developer (s)") collaborates with AllHeart Web Market ("Third Party Developer") ") to develop and present their own program in conjunction with AllHeart networks.

Each third-party developer is bound by the AllHeart Web App Market - Partner Program Agreement. This includes, inter alia, restrictions on access to, storage, sharing, and use of the User or Personal Information provided by Use, or us (as detailed in the terms and conditions of the AllHeart Web application marketplace)

We recommend that you review the privacy policies that accompany third-party apps and seek clarification from the third-party developer before deciding to install and use the third-party app. AllHeart does not control the Web and is not responsible for the actions or policies of third-party developers, and your use of third-party applications is at your own risk. You are responsible for informing your users about the storage, processing, and use of their information and that their data will be transferred and processed on your behalf.

4.5. AllHeart Web Subsidiaries and Affiliated Companies:  For the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy, we may share your personal information with your corporate family. For example, we may share your personal information with AllHeart Web Inc., our US-based company, in facilitating and tracking your business (and your users).

Personal Information from AllHeart Web companies and affiliates in the European Union and Switzerland will only be shared with AllHeart Web partners in the United States when relevant Standard Agreement Articles are available.

4.6. Connection with a Change in Corporate Control: In addition, if control of AllHeart Web or any of its affiliates is changed, including through the merger, acquisition, or purchase of a substantial portion of its assets, your Personal Information may be shared with the parties involved. 

4.7. Upon Your Further Direction:AllHeart Web may share your personal information with third parties for your additional information or for other purposes

05. Where do we store your ‘Personal Information’?

Personal and user information may be stored in unavailable data centers in the United States, Ireland, Japan, and Israel. We may use other jurisdictions to ensure that our services are provided correctly.

AllHeart's web affiliates and third-party service providers that store and process personal information on AllHeart's web are protected by contract and in accordance with industry standards.

5.1. Transfer of EU Personal data :

If you live in Europe, when we transfer your personal information to the United States or outside of Europe, we either (I) have the level of protection deemed appropriate by the European Commission or (II) have the relevant model standard contractual clauses.

5.2. #ItsThatEasy

We may collect and process personal information in the United States, Europe, Israel, or other jurisdictions. We can do this on our own or with the help of our affiliates and providers.

AllHeart Web Storage Providers are committed to protecting and safeguarding your information.

Among other things, AllHeart Web provides adequate protection or standard contractual terms relevant to the international data transfer of EU users.

Privacy Shield Certification: AllHeart Web and its affiliates, participate and certify in the EU-US. Privacy Shield Framework and Swiss American Privacy Shield Framework. For more information on the Privacy Shield Framework, see the US Department of Commerce's list of Privacy Shields here.

In accordance with the Privacy Shield Principles, AllHeart Web Inc. strives to resolve complaints about the collection or use of your personal information. EU and Swiss individuals with inquiries or complaints about our Privacy Policy should first contact us at [email protected]. For the avoidance of doubt, AllHeart Web does not rely on the Privacy Shield as a mechanism for transferring GDPR protected personal data.

AllHeart Web Inc. is committed to forwarding unresolved Privacy Shield complaints to alternative dispute resolution providers in the United States. If you do not receive timely confirmation of your complaint from us, or log in if your complaint is not considered, if you are dissatisfied with privacy or data use issues, please contact a US dispute resolution provider at for more information or to file a complaint. The service is provided free of charge.

06. Users-of-users Personal Information

AllHeart Web may collect, store and process personal information for you (“User Information”) in accordance with your instructions. For example, individuals may receive contact emails from third-party services such as Gmail or may store and manage communications through the user's website. These links are stored on the AllHeart website.

For these purposes, AllHeart Web is considered to be the "processor" rather than the "administrator" of that user (both capitalized terms are defined in that user's European Union General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR")). - User information.

The user who manages and operates a user's website is considered the "regulator" of user information and is responsible for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the collection and control of that user. Information including all privacy laws and information from all relevant authorities

The processing of User Personal Data takes place in the European Union, Israel, or in one or more specific sectors within a third country, region, or third-country which the European Union, Israel, or the European Commission has determined to ensure adequate security for, and such processing and transfer is subject to a data processing agreement (“DPA”). Transfers and processing to third countries outside the European Union that do not guarantee an adequate level of protection in accordance with the European Commission are carried out in accordance with the standard contractual provisions set out in the Annex (2010/87/EU) with one of the DPA. For clarity, "processing" should be understood according to the definition provided in the DPA.

You are responsible for the protection, integrity and authorized use of your personal information for your users, and you are responsible for approving, authorizing, and providing all data material rights and impartial processing notices required for the collection and use of such personal information.

Although we do not provide legal advice to AllHeart web users or users, we encourage all users to post and maintain a clear and comprehensive privacy policy on their website in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and all users should read these policies carefully and ensure that they understand and agree to those policies to the extent required by applicable law. 
Please see Section 4, 12, and 13 for more information on how AllHeart Web manipulates your personal information (which may apply to certain notices you provide and/or wishes you receive from us).

If you are a visitor, user, or customer, please read: AllHeart Web does not have direct user-to-user contact with the handling of personal information.

If you are a visitor, user, or our customer and would like to request or investigate your personal connection, please contact customer care directly. For example, contact the relevant user ("Data Administrator") who requests permission to access, modify, or delete the personal information that AllHeart Web provides for you. If an AllHeart web user requests deletion of your personal information, we will respond to that request in accordance with applicable law after verification (e.g. 30 days from time to time in accordance with the GDPR). Unless the user specifies otherwise, we will retain your personal information for the period set out in Section 12 below.


AllHeart Web can collect and process your personal information about the users.

We act alone on behalf of our users and in their direction.

Our users are solely responsible for their user information, including legitimacy, security, and integrity.

AllHeart Web has no direct contact with any of the users. If you are a user, please contact the AllHeart website owner directly.

07. Use of cookies and other third-party technologies

We and our third-party service providers use cookies and other similar technologies (cookies) to provide our services, to ensure that our services are functioning properly, and to analyze our activities and markets and your personal experience.

Learn more about how we use cookies and similar technologies and how we control them in our cookie policy.

Although we do not change our practice in response to a "do not track" symbol in an HTTP header in a browser or handheld app, most browsers allow us to check cookies, including whether and how they are accepted. Remove them. Most browsers can be set to notify you when a cookie is received, or you can choose to block cookies on your browser.


We and certain third parties may use cookies and similar tracking techniques in our services. 

These techniques are primarily used for reliability, security, performance, performance, and marketing.

Communications from AllHeart Web:

8.1. Promotional messages: We send your personal information through these tools to email, text messages, platform messages, marketing, phone calls, the AllHeart Web, or anything similar from our partners (working on behalf of AllHeart Web). Communication.

If you do not wish to receive these promotional messages or calls, you can always notify us on the AllHeart website or follow the "unsubscribe" or stop instructions in any promotional messages you receive.


We may send you advertising messages and content.

You can opt-out of receiving promotional messages easily by contacting us or canceling your reservation.

8.2. Service and billing messages

The AllHeart Web can contact you and provide important information about our services or our users. For example, when some services are temporarily suspended for maintenance, we can send you a message (via the available services); reply to your support ticket or email; Submit a report of abuse on the Users page to notify or send notifications about upcoming or delayed payments for current or upcoming subscriptions. or to notify you of important changes to our Services.

It is important to always be able to receive such messages. Therefore, if you are no longer an AllHeart web user (this can be done by deactivating your account), you cannot opt out of receiving such services and billing messages.

We may contact you with billing and service-related content and messages. You cannot opt-out of receiving these messages.

09. Your rights in relation to your ‘Personal Information’

AllHeart Web agrees that it is important that you manage your personal information. Based on our worldwide privacy policy, AllHeart Web has taken steps to allow you to restrict the receipt, update, modification, deletion, or use of your request for access to your personal information.

Before carrying out your request, we may verify your identity and request additional information for security reasons. We have the right to charge if it is permitted by law (for example, if your request is unfounded or excessive).

You have the right to complain to your local data protection authority (but we recommend that you contact us first).

If you are an AllHeart web user and would like a copy, please access and/or request us to correct any personal information you hold with us (either you or your users) or wish to request a list of what Personal Information (if any) pertaining to you we disclosed to third parties for direct marketing purposes, please follow the instructions provided in these Help Center articles: "Retrieve your AllHeart website account" or delete your AllHeart website account permanently ". We will make reasonable efforts to honor your request promptly (unless we need more information from you to process your request), subject to legal and other considerations.

Please note that permanently deleting your AllHeart Web account erases all of your Personal Information from AllHeart Web's databases. After completing this step, you can no longer use your AllHeart Web Services, all of your accounts and data will be permanently deleted, and AllHeart Web will not be able to restore your account or retrieve your data in the future. If you contact our swap channel in the future, your account will not be recognized and the swap agent will not be able to find the deleted account.


You may request access to, copy, modify, delete or restrict the use of the personal information that you have stored with us.

Email us or fill out our special GDPR form. You may also edit and/or update your personal information through your account or website.

You can delete personal information by deleting all accounts. We will respond to your request within a reasonable time.

10. Additional information for California residents

If you use California resident services, you have the right to request access to and delete your personal information under the California Consumer Privacy Act ("CCPA").

To access your personal information and request removal, please refer to the information in section 9 above. We do not discriminate on the basis of privacy practices under this section.

AllHeart Web does not sell users' personal information to third parties for CCPA purposes.

As described in Section 6 of the above, AllHeart Web may collect, store and process some of the Personal Information of Users solely on behalf of our Users and in their direction. For such purposes, AllHeart Web serves and will be accepted as a "Service Provider", not as a "Business" (both capital letters are defined in CCPA). AllHeart Web does not and will not sell customers' (User-of-User) Personal information.

California residents and users of the Service under the age of 18 may request that the content posted via email be deleted. All requests must be written in the subject line of the e-mail as "California Departure Requirement." Each query must provide a description of the content you wish to remove and information that is reasonable enough to enable us to locate that content. We do not accept California removal requests by mail, phone, or fax. We are not responsible for notices that are not marked or sent correctly, and we may not be able to respond if you do not provide adequate information. Please note that your request does not guarantee complete or comprehensive removal of the material. For example, the material you post may be republished or reposted by another user or third party.


California residents may exercise their right to access and delete their Personal Information. To make a request, (I) visit our webform, (II) send us an email;

11. Questions and complaints

If you have any questions, or if you care about the collection, use, or disclosure of our information, or if we do not comply with this Privacy Policy and do not use data protection laws, please contact us - our details are listed at the end of this page. 

Our team of data protection officers will investigate the complaint and determine if a violation has occurred and what action should be taken. We take every privacy complaint seriously and will make every effort to resolve your complaint quickly and in accordance with applicable law.

You can apply to the local supervisory authority at any time to protect the information, but we recommend that you contact us first to try to resolve it.


You can file a complaint with your local supervisory authority for data protection at any time.  Please contact us first so we can try to resolve your concerns.

12. Data retention

We may store your personal information (including your personal User-of-User information) when your user account is active, as set out in this Privacy Policy, or as necessary to provide the Services.

Even after you have deactivated your User Account and/or ceased to use certain Services as reasonably necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes regarding our users or user-of-users, and prevent fraud, we will keep you informed. Abuse, enforcement of contracts, and/or protection of legitimate interests.

We reserve the right to keep the information we use for personal information in our care.


We will retain your Personal Information for as long as your account is sensitive, and for as long as required (for example, if we are legally required to keep it longer, or get it to protect our interests).

13. Security

AllHeart Web has applied security measures, which is the personal information you share with us including physical measures, electronics, and procedures, among other things; the transfer of sensitive financial information (such as credit card numbers) is protected by industry-standard SSL / TLS encryption through our authenticated purchase forms. We continue to regularly adopt PCI DSS (Industry Data Security Industry Standards).

We offer secure HTTPS access to most areas of our service.

We also regularly monitor our systems for vulnerabilities and potential attacks and regularly find new methods and means and third-party services to further enhance the security of our services and the privacy of our visitors and users.

Regardless of the actions and efforts taken by AllHeart Web, we do not guarantee the full protection and security of your personal information or any other information you post or share with the AllHeart Network or any other person. We recommend that you set strong passwords for your account and your site. Do not provide sensitive personal information to us or anyone you believe could cause serious or irreversible harm.

Also, because certain areas of our service are less secure than others (such as setting your support forum ticket to "public" instead of "private" or browsing non-SSL pages), Email and instant messaging are not recognized as secure forms of communication, so we request and encourage you not to share personal information in or through these areas.

If you have any questions about the security of our services, please contact us at [email protected].


AllHeart Web takes the security of our customers' personal information seriously and is committed to protecting it.

However, Google cannot guarantee absolute protection, so we recommend that you use caution, set a strong password for your account, and don't submit sensitive information that could cause significant harm if exposed.

14. Third-party websites

Our Services may contain links to other websites or services. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of such websites or services.

When you opt-out of our services and read all of the websites and privacy policies you visit before providing your personal information, we encourage you to pay attention to this privacy policy on these two third-party websites. This privacy policy does not apply to third-party websites and services. 

# Easy is easy

Our Services may contain links to other websites or services.

15.AllHeart Web jobs applications

The AllHeart website welcomes all applicants to apply for any job posted at and provides their contact information and CV (“Applicant Information”) in the relevant placement application form on our website, or in any other way we provide.

Disclaimer: it's highly requested not to call AllHeart Web sales/support/team members numbers, or send queries on live chat. If you have any concerns please drop your query to [email protected]. Calling on sales/support or team members' numbers for recruitment leads to a rejection of your application.


We welcome all qualified job seekers to apply for one of our open positions by sending their contact information and resume.

We will use such Personal Information solely for our internal recruitment, employment, and business purposes.

16. Public forums and user content

Our services provide publicly accessible blogs, communities, and support forums. Please note that any personal information you provide in those areas may be read, collected, and used by others who have access to it. To request the removal of your personal information from our blog, community, or forum, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. In some cases, we may not be able to remove your personal information from these areas. For example, if you use a third-party application (such as Facebook's social plugin application) to post comments and login to a third-party with the relevant profile, please contact that provider to log in to that application or remove the information you have posted on that application.

In any case, we do not encourage you to post any Personal Information (in any way) that you do not wish to be publicized.

If you upload any user content to your User Account or post it on your User Website and otherwise provide it as part of your use of any Service, you do so at your own risk.

We have implemented appropriate security measures to protect your personal information. However, we have no control over the behavior of other users or the public who may have access to your User Content, and we have no privacy settings or security measures that you may have posted on your User's Website (such as for instance, password-protected areas on your User Website).

You understand that even after its removal by you or us, copies of User Content may still be visible on cached and archived pages, or even if third parties (including your User-of-Users) have copied or stored such User Content and acknowledge it. For clarity, we recommend that you do not transmit or publish information that you do not wish to disclose.


Avoid posting any Personal Information on any of the public areas of our Services or on your own website if you do not wish it to become publicly available.

17. Updates and interpretation

We may update this Privacy Policy in accordance with applicable law and indicate changes in our procedures for the collection, use, and storage of personal information. If we make any changes that we deem "material" (in our sole good faith discretion) we will notify you (using one of the information methods set out in Section 15.3 of the Terms of Use) before the changes take effect. Regarding the updated Privacy Policy, we will notify you, seek your consent and take other actions as required by applicable law. We encourage you to review this page periodically for the latest information on our privacy practices. Unless otherwise stated, our current privacy policy applies to all information we hold about you and your users in connection with our website, AllHeart web app, mobile app, and other services.

Any titles, captions, opt-out or section titles contained herein and any descriptions or summaries below the right column "#ItsThatEasy" are provided for convenience only and do not in any way define or explain any section or provision of this document or be legally binding any of us in any way.

This privacy policy is written in English and can be translated into other languages for your convenience. You can change the language setting on the AllHeart website to access and view another language version. If the translated (non-English) version of this Privacy Policy conflicts with the English version in any way, the English version of the terms will prevail.


This policy is subject to change at any time. Notify you of changes as required by applicable law.

Only the left column is legally binding (this column is for clarity).

Translated (non-English) versions of these terms are provided for convenience.