Word press is an online, open-source content management system that is written in PHP with a mix of the MYSQL database. It is being used by millions of web developers across the world. WordPress is becoming very popular to make beautiful and dynamic webpages without coding manually. It has various features which make it easy to use, flexible and useful. Another functionality of word press that makes it more powerful is blogging in which you can write technical blogs, insert pictures, images, videos, audio, etc.

It is a very important tool to make dynamic websites and WebPages very quickly. It has many web content types like themes, posts, plug-in, appearances, templates, pages, etc. To make different pages of a webpage we can click on pages and add new pages on our website and create multiple Webpage.


  • WordPress is extremely customizable and has literally thousands of plugins pieces of software so you’ll be able to use them on your site.
  • It is easy to use and encompasses a friendly interface for publishing text and media
  • SEO Advantages & SEO Friendly
  • Software is Free
  • WordPress encompasses a rich text editor with advanced multimedia support.

WordPress has two interfaces

Front End – Visible to all users.

How websites looks to the user

Back End – Visible to the only administrator.

how websites are visible to administrator

How to install WordPress – Localhost

  1. Download WordPress
  2. Download Xampp
  3. Install Xampp
  4. After installing you will see a replacement page and there you have to start Apache and My SQL as shown in the image belowXAMPP Control Pannel
  5. Copy WordPress and attend the Xampp folder, then we’ve to maneuver to htdocs folder and paste WordPress there and extract and rename the folder with your project name.Copy and extracting file
  6. Go to chrome and type localhost within the tab then click on phpMyAdmin
  7. Click on Databases. Create your Database there with your project nameCreate Database in phpMyAdmin
  8. Go to chrome again and type localhost/project name.
  9. Select your preferred language
    Select Preferred Language
  10. Type the fundamental information Like Database Name, Username, Password, Database host, Table Prefix. Click on Submit button.Fundamental Information
  11. A window will open and there you’ve got to jot down your site title, Username, Password, Your email, Search engine visibility. Information Details
  12. Then you can design your WordPress by login into your WordPress account.Login to WordPress


WordPress Accessibility

WordPress Themes: While using word press we can download multiple themes and switch among different themes. We need at least one or more themes to work to make our website look good and we can do it in word press without even going to the code site.

There are two sorts of themes available in word press i.e. free and premium. Free themes are already present there in word press repository while the premium theme has to buy from marketplaces or individual word press developers.

Themes can be enabled using Word Press directly from the dashboard’s appearance admin tool, or theme files can be copied into the themes directory directly.

With word press, we can work on both backend and frontend at the identical time.

For the backend, we can make changes like making changes within the logins and adding new content, deleting content, making changes within the content, and for the frontend will be the visible part of the website.

When using the accessibility part, there are multiple changes we can make to our websites, like appearances, general settings, and all.

Word press is a very powerful CMS as it is very easy for beginners and very powerful for web-developers.

If you are a beginner, then with the help of word press, you can learn so many things and design good WebPages and if you are an advance and experienced developer, it has many tools and you can explore and develop exciting and excellent web sites.



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