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IT Strategy and consulting
IT Strategy and consulting
IT Strategy and consulting
IT Strategy and consulting

IT Strategies and Consulting Services

Application Development

A customized strategy to provide highly efficient, scalable, and secure application development.

Cost Optimization

Save up to 15% on pre-support audit services to ensure your solution is easily adaptable and updated with the latest technology trends.

Cloud Computing

Provide enhanced efficiency, security, and agility to your business relying on Microsoft Azure expertise and AllHeart AWS.

Channel Extension

Make sure you don’t miss out on any event details and be virtually present anywhere & anytime by utilizing our mobile & social technologies for your business.

Development Re-Engineering

Improve operational efficiency through process mechanization, work process digitization, and enterprise integration.

IT Infrastructure Upgrade

Virtualize your infrastructure and move to the cloud to enable software, hardware, and network resources to reduce costs.

IT Strategy And Consulting Services

We work with state-of-the-art technology, working through a wealth of understanding due to the dynamic nature of technology by helping customers formulate IT strategies, distribute technology and realize value.

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Custody services and outsourcing have something in common, but they are different in terms of provision and methods. Experts in these two fields provide you with the technical and IT infrastructure support you need. Although consulting services end in implementing specific requirements, MSP can help your companies to improve the overall IT health of your organization in the long term. IT consultants lay the foundation for effective use of IT, while MSP proactively manage and operate customers' IT infrastructure and end-user systems. Although IT consulting is more about the recommendation, managed services handle the implementation required to run a particular application or service.

Any business of any size in any industry can increase productivity, improve network security, achieve better cost predictability, and reduce downtime by managing IT services, so proactive IT management methods must be adopted.

Managed Services is a general term that has not yet been properly defined. However, automated tools are becoming more and more impressive in the way agents and software manage their systems. The Forum Group makes the most of "hosted services" to help simplify network management, anticipate problems before they occur, and keep customer costs as low as possible.

Outsourcing has some advantages:
  1. More cost-effective than the internal model.
  2. The supplier has a high degree of professional knowledge.
  3. You can easily change the network options.

Maintaining the system internally may involve costs such as hardware and software purchases and system maintenance experts. Outsourcing allows companies to replace these costs with lower monthly fees.

There is no specific set of solutions to distinguish between good and mediocre vendors, but businesses should choose wisely from vendors that provide not only the solutions they need today but also the solutions they may need in the future. For example, many businesses rely on providers for common services such as problem tracing, but later need advice on implementing new hardware or help to implement networks for mobile communication devices. A provider whose solution meets the current needs of the business and anticipates future needs is the ideal choice.

Leading growth and agility in the age of digital transformation is not easy. AllHeart Web IT strategic planning services are needed to adapt to the highly competitive market and drive sales growth while staying in line with technology trends. At AllHeart Web, we view strategic IT as not only a service but the foundation for building a growing business. We help you develop and execute a clear and strategic IT roadmap whose priorities are closely related to your business goals. We first understand where you are and where you want to go, and then we will take steps to get there.