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Target Professionals and Leaders in Your Industry

Running a campaign for people in the same field is not always easy. But with LinkedIn ads, the process is streamlined!

Higher Conversion Rates

LinkedIn can increase conversion rates because it can serve ads to industry decision-makers. Since the platform is for professionals, it usually has a “high quality” demographic.

Promote Your Products or Services

LinkedIn ads make it simple to introduce your products/services to well-defined departments in your target market.

Content Marketing Strategy

Our content marketing strategy fills the gap between content marketing and marketing automation software by constantly aligning business goals with automation. We work with you and provide all your content needs because we create an editorial calendar and distribute it to the appropriate channels.

Connect Your Social Media Accounts or Your Blog

LinkedIn can easily add to your website and supplemented. It helps to create content on other social networks.

Networking and Traffic

Networking is the biggest strength of LinkedIn. If you share quality content with your links, you can drive quality content with your links, you can drive quality traffic to your website and/or blog so you can promote your brand.

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There is no set time limit for LinkedIn ads. As with images, it’s best to test your ad with different variations to find a place you’re happy with. Run your LinkedIn ads until you don’t succeed. With great copy and captivating visuals, it can be longer than you think! Linking your ads to relevant and valuable offers will turn them into leads.

Yes, you can improve your results by optimizing your campaign, and this is how it should be! If your current ad isn’t engaging much, try narrowing it down and running it again. You can keep brushing your viewers until you see the results you want. With LinkedIn, you can target by industry, company, location, function, age, or education. A message aimed at people in the CEO position, you can target the CEO of LinkedIn or HubSpot. I don’t know if that’s specific ad targeting or what.

No, you don’t need a membership or subscription to use LinkedIn advertising. If you have a personal LinkedIn profile, you will pay for the achievements you get from it. We encourage you to master LinkedIn’s marketing knowledge and gain an in-depth understanding of LinkedIn’s business capabilities to achieve the greatest success. If the purpose of your advertising is to increase brand awareness, you should create a LinkedIn company page and direct your ad traffic to the URL of your page. If you want to attract potential customers, it is important to coordinate and use organic and paid opportunities to have your company’s page.

Yes, you can choose different landing pages for each campaign and individual ad. However, it’s a good idea to test your landing page first for each campaign to help you figure out if some ads are most effective so you can change the copy or image as needed. You can then start testing new variables like various iterations of the visited page. The copy of the ad should accurately reflect the message on the landing page.

A personalized landing page should include an overview of your offers and how to use them, social media sharing buttons for forms used to generate potential customers, and product or service information. Before you run LinkedIn campaigns, optimize your landing pages and make sure they are successful. Even if your landing page is not attractive enough to convert potential customers, it doesn’t matter how good your LinkedIn ads are.

CPC stands for Cost-per-click, that is, every time your ad is clicked by a member of your target audience, you need to pay the highest bid. CPM stands for Cost-Per-Thousand impressions (or more precisely. Cost-Per-Thousand impressions), that is, every time your ad is shown 1000 times on LinkedIn, you need to pay the highest bid. CPC is great for generating leads and engagement on your landing page. If your goal is click through rate, use your budget only when someone clicks on your ad. You can use Cost-Per- Thousand impressions to increase your brand awareness because you can set your maximum budget too low or high as needed to get the best results to show your ads to thousands of LinkedIn members.